Sunday, October 18, 2009

Genre: Comic Book Movies/ Video Game Movies

Genre: films that are adaptations of comic books or video games, and those films whose characters originated in those comics or video games. (Wikipedia)

Like: These movies give me a good fix for my Fantasy and Sci-Fi "addiction" that and most comic book/ video game characters are kick-ass.

Dislike: A lot time these movie stick too close to the comic book/video game and make a cheey and child-ish version.

Websites Top's:

Comic Book Movie
Rotten Tomatoes
Wikipedia: Films Considered the Greatest Ever

My Top Films In This Genre (alphabetical order):

Graphic Novel

A History of Violence
From Hell
Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Road to Perdition, The
Sin City
V for Vendetta


Batman (1989)
Batman Begins
Dark Knight, The
Incredible Hulk, The
Iron Man
Spider-Man 2
Superman Returns
X2: X-Men United

Video Game

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Mortal Kombat
Resident Evil
Silent Hill
Stay Alive
Super Mario Bros.

The Future of Comic Book Movies:


Iron Man 2
Spider-Man 4
The Avengers
The First Avenger: Captain America
Wolverine 2


Green Lantern, The
Jonah Hex
Untitled next Batman film

Dark Horse

Hellboy 3
Sin City 2
Sin City 3
Umbrella Academy, The

Video Game

Gears of War
God of War
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Resident Evil: Afterlife


Sam Rami
Bryan Singer
Christopher Nolan
Zack Snyder
Tim Burton

Review: Where The Wild Things Are

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Title: Where The Wild Things Are
Distributor: Legendary Pictures(Warner Bros. Pictures)
Director: Spike Jonze
Writer(s): Spike Jonze (screenplay), Dave Eggers (screenplay), Maurice Sendak (book)
Staring: Max Records, WILD THINGS VOICES: James Gandolfini, Paul Dano, Catherine O'Hara, Forest Whitaker, Michael Berry Jr., Chris Cooper, Lauren Ambrose
MPAA Rating: Rated PG for mild thematic elements, some adventure action and brief language.
Running Time: 94 min (1 hr and 34 min)
Synopsis: An adaptation of Maurice Sendak's classic children's story, where Max, a disobedient little boy sent to bed without his supper, creates his own world--a forest inhabited by ferocious wild creatures that crown Max as their ruler.

Other Reviews


Roger Ebert:
3 Stars
Michael Phillips: 4 Stars
EW: Lisa Schwarzbaum: A

Other Sites:

At The Movies: A.O. Scott: See It, Michael Phillips: See It
Rotten Tomatoes: T-Meter: 68% (Fresh), Top Critics: 68% (
Fresh), RT Community: 77% (Fresh)
Metacritic: Critics: 71 out of 100, Users: 7.7 out of 10
MRQE Metric: 72: (30.0% A, 40.0% B, 26.0% C, 3.9% D, and 0.0% F)
Yahoo Movies: Critics: B+ Users: B

My Review

Source Material: Based on Maurice Sendak's children book with the same title.

Acting and Dialogue: A: The performance were good and puppetry was even better. The voice actors were good but I doubt that they are the people in the suits creating those believable emotions and expressions.

Art Direction: A: The fantasy world Max creates is beautiful on it's own. So, I am glad that beauty was carried over form book to the film. It also helps that this film had the craftsmanship of the The Jim Henson Company working for them.

Cinematography: A+: The shot choice was down right awesome and beautiful.

Direction: A: The pace of the film was good and I like Spike Jonze style, if he keeps up the good work he could shimmy his way to my top ten list of filmmakers. This film seem like it going to be a good achievement in Spike Jonze career because he not not known for much but skater movies and commercials

Screenplay: B+: This is a very simple story. If my memory severs me correctly the book has less then fifteen pages and the word count is less that an average paragraph. But the plot is thicken with a wide range of human emotion. These emotion are played through the eye of child (MAX) via metaphorical representation (WILD THINGS). This film also did a great job at mixing homage to the book and creative freedom/ modernization.

Sound and Music: A: The sound track was complied of many "folk" type of musicians which brought the emotive language of the film out, making it a more powerful film.

VFX: A+: Fanatic, I love how it combined the old school technology from Labyrinth with today's CGI. The two technology created a very realistic environment. There were very few "fake"moments, if any at all.I hope to see some Oscar nomination in this category

Overall: A: This film not only fulfill my fantasy/ sic-fi "addiction" but it also hold it's own as a great drama. Notice I say drama, yes it is PG but it deals with some issues that children may not fully understand yet...Even though it is based on a children book doesn't mean the movie is also made for children. As far as my recommendation goes this film is technically a family film but I suggest that nobody under ten should see this film bases on the fact that they won't enjoy it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Review: Whip It

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Title: Whip It
Distributor: United Artists (MGM)
Director: Drew Barrymore
Writer(s): Shauna Cross (screenplay), Shauna Cross (novel)
Staring: Ellen Page, Alia Shawkat, Kristen Wiig, Zoe Bell, Eve, Drew Barrymore, Andrew Wilson
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for sexual content including crude dialogue, language and drug material.
Running Time: 111 min (1 hr and 51 min)
Synopsis: In Bodeen, Texas, an indie-rock loving misfit finds a way of dealing with her small-town misery after she discovers a roller derby league in nearby Austin.

Other Reviews


Roger Ebert:
3 ½ Stars
Michael Phillips: 3 Stars
EW: Lisa Schwarzbaum: C+

Other Sites:

At The Movies: A.O. Scott: See It, Michael Phillips: See It
Rotten Tomatoes: T-Meter: 81% (Fresh), Top Critics: 83% (
Fresh), RT Community: 91% (Fresh)
Metacritic: Critics: 67 out of 100, Users: 7.1 out of 10
MRQE Metric: 70: (15.1% A, 53.4% B, 31.4% C, 0.0% D, and 0.0% F)
Yahoo Movies: Critics: B Users: B+

My Review

Source Material: Based on Shauna Cross' novel Derby Girl

Acting and Dialogue: A-: There is a great ensemble cast and on top of that Ellen Page brings a new and great character to screen, that I enjoyed.

Art Direction: B+: It had good art direction. It pulled off the "rocker-chick" image which encompass the entire the film.

Cinematography: B+: I thought the the shoot choice had a good mixture of up close and personal action shots versus wide let the action unfold shots.

Direction: B-: Because Drew Barrymore is an actor herself she was able to capture that bonding quality that actors, directors tend to have. It seem that everyone involved with the film was having a good time.

Screenplay: B: The story was a bit cliché but at the same time it hit home with the teenage mind set, therefore giving some substance to the story.

Sound and Music: B: Rock and Roller Derby go hand and hand so it fits the content of the film, so that's good.

VFX: C: None to commit on

Overall: B+: I enjoyed this film and I think most of you would too, especially if you enjoy indie film as much as me.

Review: Fame

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Title: Fame
Distributor: United Artists (MGM)
Director: Kevin Tancharoen
Writer(s): Allison Burnett (screenplay), Christopher Gore (1980 film)
Staring: Kay Panabaker, Naturi Naughton, Kherington Payne, Asher Book, Cody Longo, Walter Perez, Collins Pennie, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Paul McGill, Paul Iacono
MPAA Rating: Rated PG for thematic material including teen drinking, a sexual situation and language.
Running Time: 107 min (1 hr and 47 min)
Synopsis: An updated version of the 1980 musical, which centered on the students of the New York Academy of Performing Arts.

Other Reviews


Roger Ebert: 2 Stars
Michael Phillips: 2 ½ Stars
EW: Lisa Schwarzbaum: C

Other Sites:

At The Movies: A.O. Scott: NA, Michael Phillips: See It
Rotten Tomatoes: T-Meter: 28% (Rotten), Top Critics: 35% (
Rotten), RT Community: 35% (Rotten)
Metacritic: Critics: 39 out of 100, Users: 5.5 out of 10
MRQE Metric: 47: (0.0% A, 23.3% B, 46.6% C, 27.6% D, and 0.0% F)
Yahoo Movies: Critics: C Users: B-

My Review

Source Material: American musical film which is a loose remake of the 1980 film of the same title.

Acting and Dialogue: C: A little better than the popular High Musical Series.

Art Direction: C: The end had the best art direction.

Cinematography: C: A little too fragmented for my taste.

Direction: C: the movie passing was on the fast side, it was one of those movies that gave you mostly the facts and little detail.

Screenplay: C: Again it seem fragmented, I think there could have been a lot more development on the characters, even with the main characters, I feel a bit disconnected.

Sound and Music: C+: Some catch songs but not as catch as most musicals.

VFX: C: None to commit on

Overall: C: Exception can be the biggest bummer. I expected a lot more from a musical movie but it never happened, so I saying not to see this one, sorry.