Monday, September 8, 2008

NEW POST: The Filmmakers

The few that read this blog remembers my post called My Favorite Filmmakers. Well, I am going to expand that post by taking each of my favorite filmmakers and expand on my knowledge of them. I will achieve this goal by giving a break down to why I like them and also give reason to why they are so great. After examining the twenty or so of my favorite filmmakers/ director, I will continue the post by examining actors and other people who bring films together. I will use sites such as IMDb, Wikipedia, and They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They? to showcase the information of a filmmaker’s biography or filmography. I will start with filmmakers whose last name start with A (Wes Anderson) and work to Z (Robert Zemeckis). I will try my hardest to update / continue this post on a weekly manner. So know I open this new post and called it The Filmmakers .

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