Saturday, September 27, 2008

REVIEW: Fireproof

The Synopsis

IMDb: A firefighter (Cameron) and his wife (Bethea) begin a 40-day experiment known as "The Love Dare" in an attempt to save their marriage.

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My Review

Source Material: Original Christian Drama

Action: Brilliant: What was there was pretty decent and believable. It wasn’t spectacular but it works

Acting and Dialogue: Common: It seemed a little over the top. The dialogue was not that realistic. Let me preface first I am Christian and I understand the point of the film. I believe you can make a Christian film for the Christian audience and still add realism. Just because you are a Christian and you are trying to convert other to your faith doesn’t mean you have to censor your self. You can still throw in some minor curse word like damn and pissed and still keep the PG rating and the over all theme. The evangelism in the movie was a little over barring, this is come form a Christian. I like Christian films to have a subtle message like the Chronicles of Narnia series.

Cinematography: Common: Most of the camera shot were made to give chills down a Christian back, which was achieve beautifully but don’t give me wrong this isn’t a class act of cinematography.

Direction: Common: It kind of slow especially toward the end. It felt like the movie was at least a half hour longer it’s running time. As for the director himself I like where is heart is but like I said before Christian movies should have a subtle message.

Sound: Common: The sound gave me the same feeling as the cinematography, chills down the back and slightly emotional; filled with the Holy Spirit type stuff.

Special and Visual FX: Common: The fires and explosions looked convening; everything else was dramatically driven by the dialogue.

Overall: C, As a Christian movie it was good but up against the pantheon of films it’s okay at best. I recommend it to people who know Christ and to people who are testing the Christian waters.

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