Monday, March 2, 2009

None Movie Related Topic: Amendments to "My Ideal Wife"

This post is to show the amendments that I am going to make to “My Ideal Wife


Amendment: Granted I would like a non-denominational Christian but any denomination as long as they are a “devoted” Christian. Yes, I will even except Catholic- Christians even thought we may disagree on some doctrine.


Amendment: I try my best to be as pure as possible and that is what I would like to see in “my ideal wife”. I have a straight edge attitude toward life meaning, I don’t drink, do drugs (including tobacco products) or participate in premarital sex. These would also be the three traits I would like for a future wife to have. I do understand if you like to drink once in while or even smoke but premarital sex could be a separating issue. Leading me to…


Amendment: The Hierarchy of Sexual Purity. (In order from most preferred to lest preferred)

Virgin: Someone who has never had sex, ever.
“Pure”: Someone who had sex once or twice but regrets ever having sex in the first place claiming, “I should have waited. God will you forgive me.”
Sexual Monogamy: Someone that participates in “safe sex” with one partner and doesn’t cheat on them during the entire duration of the relationship. This person may decide that there partner isn’t “the one” and moves onto another partner repeating that same sexual monogamy process until “the one” is found. Once “the one” is found then the two of them vowel a life of monogamy and never sleep with anyone else except their partner.
Random Play: Someone who has a promiscuous aura but tries to achieve monogamy in their relationships and has a not being “tied down” attitude toward life.
Damaged Goods: Someone who has sex one to many time and has a reputation of being a “slut” or “man-whore”

To see my full perceptive on premarital sex and purity read my note on Facebook called “Should Christians Seek Out Virgins?


Amendment: This is simple and needs no real amendment just love on your little brother or sister or even niece and nephew. Show to me that you can be a “good mother” and actually love and want kids some day.


Amendment: Let your beauty shine and be yourself. I want a “pretty-good personality-over all genuine” girl. I know it is going to be hard to come by but a guy can dream can’t he.


Amendment: Even with being number five this one is very important. This one I simply want someone who has a healthy relationship with Jesus. By having this relationship they can grow in unity with me as a Christian and as couple. If we both focus on Jesus and showcase his love then he will do the same for us, it’s called blessings.