Sunday, July 26, 2009

Exclusive Review: Eastern Promises

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Title: Eastern Promises
Distributor: Serendipity Point Films
Director: David Cronenberg
Writer(s): Steven Knight (screenplay)
Staring: Naomi Watts, Viggo Mortensen, Vincent Cassel, Armin Mueller-Stahl
MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong brutal and bloody violence, some graphic sexuality, language and nudity.
Running Time: 100 min (1 hr and 40 min)
Synopsis: A Russian teenager living in London who dies during childbirth leaves clues to a midwife in her journal that could tie her child to a rape involving a violent Russian mob family.

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Rotten Tomatoes: T-Meter: 88% (Fresh), Top Critics: 88% (Fresh), RT Community: 91% (Fresh)
Metacritic: Critics: 82 out of 100, Users: 7.2 out of 10
MRQE Metric: 75: (29.6% A, 50.5% B, 17.2% C, 0.0% D, and 0.0% F)
Yahoo Movies: Critics: B+ Users: B

My Review

Source Material: Original:
Steven Knight (screenplay) .

Acting and Dialogue: A:The acting in this film was excellent.

Art Direction: A: Admirable

Cinematography: A: It was very well done.

Direction: B+: David Cronenberg put together a good piece of art work.

Sound and Music: A: It complement the images on screen.

VFX: B: It more of a dramatic driven film so not real noticeable VFX.

Overall: A-: I liked the film and I recommend it. The only thing I didn't like was the ending.

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