Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's NEW at Cinematard Central



This will be a post where I am going to try and reveal a new genre each week and tell what I like about the genre, movie in that particular genre, and so on.

Exclusive Review:

This will be were I review movies that have one or more of these stipulations:
  • Movies On DVD.
  • Movies made before my time that I am just now getting around to watch.
  • Movie Reviews I forgot to do or didn't have time to write.

The two new post above will have their own labels but there is a third NEW label, it is Indies. This label will be attached to anything pertaining to independent filmmaking including my reviews.


As far as the filmmakers post goes
sometime next week I will finish the director/filmmakers category with The Wachowski Brothers, and Robert Zemeckis. I will then move on to producers/filmmakers most likely staring with J.J. Abrams.

Look for post and other information on my Twitter, or my Facebook. I am posting Movie Reviews on Flixter starting now. This will included any new reviews and
exclusive reviews.