Monday, February 11, 2008

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins Review

Synopsis: NA on imdb.con yet

Other Reviews:

Ebert & Roeper: NA
Fandango: 4 Oh No, 6 No, 19 S0-So, 56 Go, 168 Must Go
Rotten Tomatoes: T-Meter: 29% Rotten, Top Critics 38% Rotten, RT Community: 40% Rotten
Yahoo Movies: Critics: C, Users: C+

My Review: I am going to say there were funny parts and to see these funny parts you will have to watch it yourself. It was also made for the black demographic so a lot of the jokes were made only to be funny/ “said” only by a black person. There is nothing wrong with a movie made for these two purposes but I am just say it might not be your type of movie because of these two things. Happy movie watch and god bless.

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