Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review: The Muppets


Title: The Muppets
Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures
Director: James Bobin
Writer(s): Jason Segel, Nicholas Stoller,
Staring: Amy Adams, Jason Segel, Chris Cooper, and The Muppets
MPAA Rating: Rated Rated PG for some mild rude humor.
Running Time: 103 min
Synopsis: With the help of three fans, The Muppets must reunite to save their old theater from a greedy oil tycoon.

What Others Are Saying?

Rotten Tomatoes: T-Meter: 97% (Fresh), Top Critics: 92% (Fresh), Audience: 91% (Like It)
Metacritic: Critics: 76 out of 100, Users: 8.6 out of 10
MRQE Metric: 80 out of 100
Yahoo Movies: Critics: NA Users: B+

My Review

Source Material: The charters were based on Jim Henson creations, but the story was original.  

Entertaining Value:

  • Action Elements: The action comes to you in the from of slapstick, witch is hilarious.  
  • Comedy Elements: Good old comedy, some is corny and others that are just down right funny.    
  • Dramatic Elements: There is some real good dramatic parts, even thought a lot of them played out via musical style, but it was still good.    
  • Sci-Fi / Fantasy Elements: Old school VFX. Good old puppets shine bright in this film, wait a minute, I mean Muppets.   
Cinematic Value:
  • Acting and Dialogue: 9: Add a lovable and musical friendly actress (Amy Adams) to a comic genus (Jason Segel) to an classic "puppet" act and you get gold. I know some people thought the movie 'breaking the fourth plane" was used to much. Personally, The Muppet knowing they are in a movie or that they are "puppets" is part of who they are, that's what makes it funny. 
  • Art Direction: 8.5: I can only imagine the ingenuity the filmmaker have to come up with to make a good amount of "puppets" to come to life and be believable characters.  
  • Cinematography: 8.5: I bet that it a challenge to shoot everything basically waste up especially on the Muppets, well because the puppeteers cant be in the shoot. It always amazes me to see an film shot with majority puppets if all.     
  • Direction: 9: The film flowed nicely. You could see the amount of passion in the filmmaking. A great film coming from a guy behind "Flight of the Conchords"    
  • Editing: 8.5: Very good job like I said before the film was very well paced.     
  • Screenplay: 9: This film has a really good story. I wish every film was mad with the same passion as Jason Segel, there would be many more great film.      
  • Sound and Music: 10: I want to buy this soundtrack so bad. not only did it have great classic song The Muppets are known for but good original ones too. 
  • VFX: 8: Who cares about computer, when you have real life taking frog, pig, bear, and gonzo. Its the Muppet get excited for some fine puppetry.     
Overall: 9: I can say I enjoy this movie tremendously, and hope you do to. I think kids will like this film even though its not animated, maybe not the real young ones. Honestly, the adults may enjoy it more because we grew up on The Muppets. I highly recommend this film to everyone.    

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